About Us

Exterior view of Millennium Surgery Center

Our Mission

Provide safe, compassionate, high-quality, surgical care in an efficient, cost-effective, nondiscriminatory environment.

Our Goals

  • To provide quality care to patients regardless of race, color, religion, or creed.
  • Facilitate efficient, cost-effective care.
  • To develop and implement individual treatment plans designed to meet patient and therapeutic goals.
  • To provide patient and family education to facilitate self-care.
  • To evaluate the effects of care through existing performance improvement activities.
  • Collaborate with other relevant personnel in decision-making.

Millennium Surgery Center will strive to develop operating values that will guide us as we work together to provide excellent patient care. As such, our core values are Compassionate, Loyal, Responsible, Integrity, Innovative, and, Ethical.

Why an Ambulatory Surgery Center?